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Women's hooded sweat jacket ULIVELLA

Women's hooded sweat jacket ULIVELLA

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Your Cozy Companion for Relaxing Hours: Our Women's Hoodie ULIVELLA

Sometimes it's the little moments when we feel most comfortable: A relaxed Sunday morning, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee or a delicious tea - and of course, the comfort of our new hoodie for women.

Whether it's cozy reading on the sofa, during an extensive yoga session, or a walk in the cool morning hours – this hooded sweater jacket accompanies you at every moment, offering a comforting sense of security.

Made from an exclusive blend of 47% Pima Cotton, 35% Baby Alpaca, and 18% Silk, our hoodie combines sustainability, Eco Wear, and luxury.

Pima Cotton (often referred to as the "Silk of South America") provides gentle, sustainable softness and durability. Combined with the fluffy warmth of Baby Alpaca and the shimmering shine of Silk, it creates a unique wearing experience. This piece is not just a cozy lounge jacket for women – it's your piece of everyday luxury.

Eco Fashion meets Homewear: Our hoodie redefines Green Fashion, bringing style and comfort directly to your home. Get cozy, lean back, and enjoy the special combination of Slow Fashion and absolute comfort factor.

Discover now the gentle embrace of our hoodie - and indulge yourself with a touch of luxury in your everyday life.

- Material: 35% Baby Alpaca, 18% Silk, 47% Pima Cotton
- (Decl. 35% Wool, 18% Silk, 47% Cotton)

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