From the camera to the online shop for sustainable clothing

If we can't excite you about our 'Why', then there's no point in trying with the 'What'.

As nature photographers and filmmakers, we accompany, eye to eye, a world where time relentlessly moves forward - and nature reveals itself in its changes. Especially landscapes that we revisited after a long time have shown us that we cannot continue as before.

That's why we, the people behind DiveDuke, have decided to turn a new page. A chapter where fashion is authentically sustainable: not just as a concept, but as a living, truthful, and breathing reality. Our story doesn't start with a business model, but right in the heart of nature, where every ocean and landscape tells us their story.


Our Mission: True and Consistent Sustainability

It's not just about the product. It's about the 'Why' and the 'How'.

“Oh, let's just start an online shop,” was not our motivation. We were rather looking in the world of sustainable fashion labels for our own personal needs - and often found only half-hearted efforts. We missed the passion, the zeal, the authentic Why in many sustainable fashion brands. Doing business with sustainability is not the same as acting sustainably!

That's why we launched this online shop DiveDuke for sustainable fashion and accessories. We believe that real sustainability is found throughout the entire supply chain – not just in the individual product. From fair trade to the eco lifestyle: we are convinced that true fair fashion encompasses every step of the chain. With us, you will find not just slow fashion and fairwear, but a passionate way of life. Our products are as green and fair as possible – a promise to you and our planet. We believe that it can be even more sustainable: by people – for people. Our clothing is a reflection of our deepest beliefs: Fair Fashion and Green Fashion - touching both the Green Soul and the world. It's not just a buzzword: It's a way of life, a gentle yet powerful statement.


Our Vision: 5% of Your Purchase for a Revolution in Fashion

What we see today in sustainable materials and concepts on the market is absolutely great - but it's not enough for us. Our extensive research into life cycle assessments has shown us that the future lies in innovative materials. All current plant-based sustainable textiles avoid environmentally harmful chemicals – but they are not really environmentally friendly in their water, logistics, and land use balance.

But imagine this: clothing made from microorganisms that requires minimal resources and creates a closed ecological cycle – without compromising on comfortable wear. There are already very exciting projects focusing on these developments. At DiveDuke, we are committed to supporting these visionary projects. That's why 5% of every product sold goes into these groundbreaking initiatives. Together with you, we want to further improve the sustainable fashion industry and redefine sustainable fashion brands.

Together we can make a change... You & us! We would be delighted if you like our philosophy and become part of our vision: as an important Nature Ambassador. Discover our Sustainability Heroes now and tell your friends about us. That would be the most beautiful thing that could happen to us.