Collection: Wrist Warmers for Women

Women's Wrist Warmers: Warm and Cozy on Cool Days

Do you sometimes feel the cold creeping up the sleeves of your jacket or coat? To keep your wrists and forearms nicely warm, our super soft wrist warmers are just the thing. They are also a great accessory that can be combined very well with a scarf or a hat. In our online shop, you'll find both wristlets and arm warmers, all falling under the category of wrist warmers. They vary in material, style, and length, depending on how much of your forearm you want to cover. Some even extend over the knuckles, making them a great substitute for gloves, especially if you like to have your fingers free but still want warm hands.

Fashionable Accessories with Wool Wrist Warmers

Our wool wrist warmers offer you luxurious softness and cozy warmth. Made from high-quality alpaca wool, they are not only environmentally friendly but also elegant and snug. Particularly, the women's wrist warmers made from baby alpaca are so cuddly and comfortably hug your wrist.

Arm Warmers: Versatile and Practical

Hello ladies - You know it! Sometimes the sleeves of a sweater or jacket are just a tad too short. Especially when it gets cooler, you notice it right away at the wrist. The hands get cold quickly, and you find yourself wishing for a bit more fabric to pull down over the hand.
That's why such women's wrist warmers are so versatile and practical. They don't take up much space and are quickly stashed in a handbag or jacket pocket. Simply pulled over the wrist, they protect you from the cold air, allowing you to focus again on what really matters. Whether you wear them while working on the computer, walking, or outdoors, they are the perfect choice to protect your hands from the cold.

Your Hands, Your Style, Our Mission

Fair Trade and sustainability are extremely important to us. That's exactly what our wrist warmers offer. They are produced by companies that focus on fair trade and fair conditions. When you purchase products in our online shop, you support our mission based on sustainability and social responsibility.

Simply browse our range of women's wrist warmers and find your warming, cuddly companion that protects your arms and hands from the cold air and caresses them with softness.