Ethic & Green

We would like to introduce ourselves to you... So that you can understand why we do what we do: what drives & moves us; how we live and implement our sustainability.

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  • Durable Quality
  • Sustainable Quantities
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  • Acting Ethically
Green Verpackungen und Versand

Packaging & Shipping

Eco-Friendly Packaging:
Your order arrives in environmentally friendly packaging made from grass and recycled cardboard – with no annoying filler materials. We calculate the most efficient packaging for you: saving resources and avoiding shipping mere air.

Pure Efficiency: We only dispatch twice a week. Every journey is fully loaded to minimise emissions. Your patience contributes to ensuring delivery vans don't unnecessarily burden the environment half-full = maximum efficiency – minimal CO2 footprint.

Europe at Heart: Our fashion doesn't travel around the world but stays within Europe. Short distances, significant impact for lower CO2 emissions.

Plastic-Free: We opt for plastic-free packaging. Even with more delicate Alpaca products, you can choose: with or without a protective sleeve.

Dual System: Every packaging is responsibly recycled. We're committed to the environment – and are partners of the Dual System. While we ensure your cardboard can be recycled, we're even happier if you repurpose it for other uses.

GoGreen Shipping: With DHL GoGreen, we send your order on a more climate-friendly journey. Each delivery supports climate protection projects and reduces the CO2 footprint.

Langlebigkeit und Qualität

Durable quality:

Fashion that Endures Time and Trends

High-quality and durable: Discover our range of high-quality, durable fashion designed to stand the test of time. Our clothing is crafted with exceptional quality in mind, meant to accompany you for a long time while caring for the environment.

Slow Fashion: We believe in conscious consumption and timeless designs. We consciously avoid seasonal collections, focusing instead on high-quality classics and enduring beauty.

Eco-friendly & Toxin-free: We are committed to environmentally friendly production processes. Our dyes are free from harmful substances, and our foundational materials are as sustainable as possible.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: Every piece of Alpaca and Pima cotton apparel comes from the skilled hands of a small, charming family business. Feel the love and care in every thread.

Our DiveDuke Signature Brand – Pure Nature: More than just green, even our labels and threads are made of organic cotton. Fashion that respects and celebrates nature.

Grüner Fußabdruck aus Gras

Small but Powerful: Our Philosophy of Small Quantities

Sustainably Produced: At our store, each production is thoughtfully chosen. By producing only in small quantities, we conserve the environment and combat overproduction. Imagine this: we have a shirt in our range made from recycled organic cotton. How so? Not why we have it in our assortment – but why are organic shirts made from recycled organic shirts nowadays? The answer is overproduction that wasn’t sold. We're so glad to have this shirt with us: Second Chance = Green Rebirth!

Higher-Priced, Yet More Valuable: Yes, smaller quantities mean higher costs - but also greater appreciation. Our fashion is a symbol against wastage. Our prices are fair and reflect true respect for the people behind it, the resources, and the craftsmanship.

No Sale, Instead Sustainability: There are no sales at our store - each product is timelessly and sustainably calculated. A sale is always a bland compromise between overproduced goods and lack of demand.
Carefully calculated production conserves nature.

Die Worte Werte, Moral und Ethik mit Kreise geschrieben

Ethical Behaviour: Barefoot at Heart

Our Partners - Fairness and Care:
We carefully select our production partners to ensure they share our values. For them, it's not just about fair pay and exceptional social benefits, but also free meals, childcare, and opportunities for further education. We're particularly pleased with programs that integrate the deaf, demonstrating our partners' strong commitment to inclusion and respect.

And us? Equality and living with commitment. To be completely transparent: We all earn the same; 50% of our team members are women - and everyone listens to everyone. We ride bicycles and don't own cars. We actively engage in various environmental projects and have collectively planted over 30,000 trees by hand.
Green souls - and barefoot at heart!

Together for a better world. Our next vision with you: Let's discover new paths that take sustainable clothing to level 4.0 = visionary, new materials.

Das Wort Secondhand mit Buchstabenwürfel geschrieben

Secondhand - Green Rebirth: Our Vision of Consistent Sustainability

Redefining Responsibility:
At our company, Secondhand becomes more than just an option - it's a commitment to sustainability. We aim to act responsibly, which includes extending the life cycle of a garment with dedication. "Green Rebirth" signifies that every piece of clothing you purchase from us deserves a second chance. It's a symbol of our profound responsibility towards nature and the consistency of our actions.

Expanding the Cycle: Send back clothing you bought from us and receive a voucher for your next purchase. We carefully inspect each item and add it to our meticulously curated Second-Life assortment, thereby enlarging the cycle of heroes - and reducing waste.

Shop Sustainably, Live Sustainably: This Second Life program is a 'coming soon' initiative and will be available to you shortly. It underscores our sustainability philosophy and allows you to actively participate in environmental protection. With us, Green-Rebirth means not just saving but preserving - for a greener world.