Collection: Cool Shirts for Men

Cool T-Shirts: Your wardrobe is calling for individualism.

What differentiates cool T-shirts from really cool T-shirts? The design!
If you truly want to dress individually, then take a look around our DiveDuke online shop. These designs are inspired by real life – not from an 'online design generator' clip-art: Our designs are as unique as you are!
You can only find such unique T-shirts for men right here.

The T-shirt is no longer just a canvas; it becomes part of the design.
Each design is captured by an internationally recognized photographer and transformed into a small piece of art. If you take a closer look at the designs, you will notice that they seamlessly blend into the color of the shirt. The shirt becomes part of the photo.
We artfully remove the background so that you and your shirt can stand out – without any distracting elements. It's like a good conversation: only the important parts matter.

Organic cotton, because we are no freaks:

We love nature on your behalf! To put it bluntly: By choosing 100% organic cotton, you have automatically opted for nature. This allows you to fully focus on your day and cool clothes.

Casualness meets substance:

These printed T-shirts have everything you need to feel good: set-in sleeves for a look you usually only see in movies. 1x1 rib at the collar to show that you know comfort; and a neckband so comfortable you'll forget it's there. And the double stitching? This cool T-shirt for men lasts longer than most Hollywood marriages.

You and us = like in co-op mode in gaming:

We make sure you are brilliantly dressed – and you go out and score. You know when you put on a T-shirt and suddenly the day feels better? That's no coincidence, that's science. Okay, maybe not real science, but it feels like it! Our unique T-shirts for men are not just cool T-shirts. No, they are like your best friend made of cotton – but from organic cotton. Because you also look at the inner values.

For the free spirits and those who want to become one:

Whether you are standing in the subway, riding a bike, attending a meeting, going on a date, hanging out with friends, or dancing at a festival: Our printed T-shirts are perfect for every moment of life. They are like a second skin, only they look better and require less care. Perfect for anyone who dares to be different every day.

Be sure to check back often: We are continuously expanding the designs of our cool T-shirts for men.

1. Question: What shirts are currently in trend?

Answer: Trend 2024 = Right now, individual shirts are in: cool T-shirts with prints; with photo art; with casual slogans. Everything that sets you apart from the mainstream.

2. Question: How do I wash a printed T-shirt?

Answer: Although DTG printing is suitable for almost all textiles, printed T-shirts should be washed according to an old rule of thumb: turn it inside out; wash it cold (20° to 30° Celsius) (if you prefer, then hand wash); it's best to air dry. This way, the print (and the colors) last the longest.

3. Question: What does the 'T' in T-shirt stand for?

Answer: When you lay the T-shirt flat, it takes the shape of the letter 'T'.