Collection: Headbands for Women

Women's Headbands for Warm Heads

Headbands are a great alternative to hats for women. They keep the most important parts of the head warm, thus protecting the forehead and ears from cold and wind. The hairstyle is not flattened as much as it often is with other headwear. In our online shop, you'll find a specially selected range of headbands for women that we ourselves are convinced of.

Your Style, Your Warmth, and Fair Fashion

The women's headbands in our range are made from different materials. Particularly warm and soft is an alpaca headband. It has the advantage over some other wool headbands in that it is much softer. It feels great and snuggles wonderfully around the forehead and ears. Above all, however, all products are in line with sustainability and Fair Fashion. The fair production of all our headbands underlines our commitment to Fair Fashion.

A Headband as a Stylish Statement

In our online shop, you can buy them in different shapes, colors, and knitting patterns. Women often like to match headbands with their other accessories. You can do the same with our products. We have some accessories in our range that you can coordinate. Choose your knitting pattern and favorite color, and you can harmoniously round off your outfit with a scarf, matching wrist warmers, and a coordinating headband in winter. Suitable for this are, among others, the SUAVE and BIESEN series.