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Wrap yourself in cosy warmth with the super comfortable
and soft Women's Accessories.

Warm, Warmer, Alpaca: Women's Alpaca Accessories – Pure Winter Luxury

Did you know that alpaca keeps you warmer than sheep's wool? This is due to the unique hollow fibers of alpaca wool, which act as natural insulators and provide you with cozy warmth even on frosty days… and our women's accessories are also incomparably soft. The reason for this is the small size in combination with a flat arrangement of the natural keratin plates on the fibers. Moreover, they lie very close together. This is different in sheep's wool, which feels itchier on the skin. With alpaca wool, however, it feels wonderfully soft.

Warm, soft, sustainable: With our women's alpaca accessories, you can enjoy the cold days in autumn and winter with a green conscience!

What does sustainability have to do with the women's accessories in our shop?

It's so beautiful when tradition and modern design unite. Sustainability is absolutely in focus for us: Each of our accessories for women contains the passion and tradition of a small, hand-selected family business from Peru. Whether you are buying a hat and scarf set for women in our women's accessories or discovering your joy in the individual products: With every purchase of not only scarves and hats for women, you are choosing genuine sustainability that embodies Fair Trade and the values of Green Fashion.

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Are you ready for a stylish cold season? When you order from us now, you're choosing not just quality and style, but also ethical responsibility. Discover the diversity of our products and find your perfect match, from knitted gloves for women, wrist warmers, and women's scarves to headbands. We offer several products that you can either harmoniously or precisely match together.