Collection: Men's knitted Gloves

Functional and Sustainable Warmth: Discover Exceptional Men's Knit Gloves of the Highest Class

Prepare to dive into a world where practicality meets unparalleled elegance. Our collection of men's knit gloves in our online shop is a carefully selected assortment that captures the essence of the modern man – valuing the added benefits of Alpaca on the hands as much as our nature and commitment in our world.

Ethics and Aesthetics in Harmony

Imagine a collection that redefines the boundaries of style and sustainability. Every pattern, every color scheme, and every seam is meticulously thought out to create products that embody the philosophy of Fair Trade, Eco Wear, and family craftsmanship.
Sustainability is important to us: Every product and every partner is questioned. From material to product to you, every footprint is meticulously weighed.

Masterpieces of Multifunctional Elegance

From classic wool gloves for men to innovative fingerless gloves for men: each pair is a tribute to the careful idea and innovative functional approach. The 'Mobile Star' in our men's winter gloves collection, for example, allows you to operate your phone without taking off the glove, thanks to foldable fingertips on the index finger and thumb. Discover a variety of knit gloves that marry tradition with contemporary chic and practicality.

Alpaca: The Choice of Sustainability

In the world of fibers, Alpaca wool is an undisputed champion. With less water requirement, natural resistance to environmental influences, and respectful grazing behavior, the Alpaca is an ode to the eco-friendly approach in Green Fashion. The Alpaca fiber is a true superhero. Very few fibers can match Alpaca: top thermal insulation, softness, durability, etc.

Complete Your Winter Look

Complemented by our men's knit beanies, headbands, and scarves, our men's knit gloves not only let you easily survive the cold months but also allow you to express your individual style.

Discover the Complete Collection in Our Online Shop

Redefine your winter look. Find, Feel, Fair Trade
You are just a click away from discovering the world of sustainably and ingeniously designed men's knit gloves, crafted down to the smallest detail. Let yourself be inspired by the variety and our spirit, and find the pair that enriches your winter with warmth and style.