Collection: Knitted Gloves for Women

Softness and Warmth in Elegant Attire: Women's Knitted Gloves, Like a Warm Kiss for Your Hands

Do you know the feeling? As soon as winter approaches, hands no longer stay warm on their own. They cool down, fingers stiffen, and the skin turns rough. This is precisely the right time for warm gloves. As autumn begins and especially when cycling, knitted gloves are really helpful against the cold. They are soft, warm, and flexible. Plus, they can be folded up small and conveniently stashed in a jacket pocket.

Whether you're strolling through the winter market or a Christmas fair, warm gloves from our range always lovingly caress your hands.

Welcome to our world of fine fibers and stylish designs: Our online shop offers you a fascinating selection of women's winter gloves - in a variety of designs, colors, and sophisticated options. Every winter glove in our collection is sustainably and traditionally made from high-quality alpaca, pampering your skin with its incredible softness and warmth. Whether you're looking for wool gloves for women or warm gloves in general, you'll discover more than you initially hoped for. It's worth highlighting the differences in our women's knitted gloves. We're delighted to offer not only classic knitted gloves but also practical fingerless gloves and those where the tips of the thumb and index finger can be freed up as needed. So, you no longer have to choose between using your phone and warm hands, and you can continue wearing your gloves while operating your smartphone.

What's warm, soft, and ecological for the hands?

Our women's knitted gloves, of course! They are definitely favorites for cold days: In our online shop, you'll find wool gloves made from valuable alpaca wool. This special wool is much warmer and more insulating than classic sheep's wool. It's also durable, hypoallergenic, and thermoregulating. Ecologically, alpaca wool is also favorable, as an alpaca has a small ecological footprint. It's essential to mention the softness. Our alpaca knitted gloves are mostly made from baby alpaca, giving you a fluffy feeling around the hand and impressively keeping the cold away from your hands.

With all our women's knitted gloves, you can also be sure that they are symbols of sustainability and Eco Wear. By purchasing our gloves, you support the Fair Fashion philosophy and contribute to sustainable practices and ethical behavior.

Discover More and Contribute to Change

Be inspired by the variety and quality our online shop has to offer. Explore our range of women's knitted gloves and other cozy products like women's scarves, wrist warmers, and wool beanies: Everything perfectly complements your new gloves. Whatever you choose, you'll be immersing yourself in our world of sustainability with each of our products.