Collection: Wool Blankets

A Loving Embrace of Purest Luxury – Our Collection of Wonderful Wool Blankets

High-quality wool blankets make a subtle yet significant difference. That's why we only offer such in our online shop. Our beautiful wool blankets provide warmth and radiate pure luxury. These blankets are synonymous with absolutely soft, flattering warmth and elegance, deserving a place in every home. Especially the wool blankets made from Baby Alpaca are perhaps the cosiest and warmest blankets you can find!

The Secret of Softness: Baby Alpaca

Each wool blanket in our assortment is made from 100% pure Baby Alpaca – a fibre that is unmatched in its fineness and delicacy. Baby Alpaca refers to the wool obtained from the first shearing of a young alpaca, meaning it is among the softest and finest wools in the world. The shearing is done very gently and stress-free for the young alpaca. This process ensures not only the well-being of the animals but also leads to a blanket that is lighter, warmer, and even more durable than conventional wool blankets.

What's the Secret of Alpaca Fibre?

It's like a tribute to softness and warmth: The special feature of these fibres lies in their unique structure. Each one is interspersed with microscopic air pockets that act as natural insulators. These air cushions not only make the fibres extremely light but also enable them to retain body heat better and provide consistent warmth.
Moreover, the softness of Alpaca fibres is due to their smooth surface structure. Unlike traditional sheep's wool, which often has tiny barbs or scales, Alpaca fibres are remarkably smooth. This smooth texture minimizes the potential for scratching on the skin - making our beautiful wool blankets so incredibly soft and comfortable.

Our Expertise - and Loving Craftsmanship

Our expertise in textiles enables us to offer you high-quality wool blankets that are lovingly produced in a small family manufactory. Each blanket is the result of lived Fair Trade philosophies and sustainable production that respect local craftsmanship and the environment.

The Right Warming Blanket: Invest in Quality and Sustainability

By purchasing a wool blanket from our online shop, you are investing in a product that will last for generations. You are choosing a high-quality snuggle blanket that has been made with respect for nature and the craftsmen who pour their skill and passion into each blanket.

Warming Elegance for Every Room

Imagine how your wool blanket enriches your favourite spot or how, as a stylish accessory on your sofa or bed, it enhances the room. Its timeless design seamlessly integrates into any interior, and its haptics tempt you to continually enjoy touch and warmth anew.

A Treat for Senses and Soul

It's time to give yourself or your loved ones the gift of unadulterated quality. Treat yourself to the comfort and beauty that a high-quality wool blanket brings. Feel how it gently embraces you, and experience how every room gains cosiness through its presence.