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Unique Women's T-Shirt: Lionfish by Night

Unique Women's T-Shirt: Lionfish by Night

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  • Material: 100% combed, ring-spun organic cotton; Single jersey; Pre-washed; 180 GSM
  • Certifications: G.O.T.S; OEKO TEX Standard 100; PETA approved VEGAN; FAIR WEAR
  • Fit: Unisex; Crew neck; Regular fit
  • The right size for you = below the description


I still remember, as if it was yesterday…

… when we dived in the Red Sea: The clever lionfish were our companions, hunting in the light of our diver lamps. They seemed to live by the motto: Food always tastes better in bright light. A wonderful interplay of light and nature offered us unparalleled moments to capture.


Ring-spun organic cotton: Made for eco-friendly heroines:

This special women's T-shirt, crafted from organic cotton using the ring-spinning technique, presents itself in top quality, with a wearing comfort that is as relaxing as a day off. This fabric is made for the quiet heroines of everyday life.


A design that is more than just a shirt print:

The motif of our nocturnal lionfish conveys more than just ink on fabric: It embodies an elegant inspiration that enriches your everyday life and refines your style. This extravagant T-shirt is a wearable piece of art that goes far beyond ordinary fashion.


A must-have that shouldn't be missed:

This print shirt made of organic cotton envelops you softer than a hug and impresses with its uniqueness. Wear it and signal your readiness to enrich your life with more color, more vitality, and adventure. This shirt is not just a choice – it is an essential urban accessory.


  • Reference measurements: (across chest / back length / sleeve length)


S: 49.5cm (19.5 in) / 69cm (27.2 in) / 22.5cm (8.9 in)

M: 53.5cm (21.1 in) / 73cm (28.7 in) / 24cm (9.4 in)

L: 56.5cm (22.2 in) / 75cm (29.5 in) / 24.5cm (9.6 in)

XL: 59.5cm (23.4 in) / 77cm (30.3 in) / 25cm (9.8 in)

XXL: 63.5cm (25 in) / 79cm (31.1 in) / 25.5cm (10 in)


  • Declaration: 100% Cotton
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