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T-shirt Longsleeve Men Cotton EUPHAUSIO

T-shirt Longsleeve Men Cotton EUPHAUSIO

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Size Guide - determine your sustainable size

The Epitome of Comfort and Sustainability: Your Vegan Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirt EUPAUSIO in Soft Organic Cotton

This Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirt in Organic Cotton impresses not only with its stylish and timeless design but also with its core: the 100% combed organic cotton.
Please refer to the provided measurements as a reference for the right size.

Combed organic cotton is characterized not only by the absence of pesticides, etc., but also by a special refinement: Combing removes short fibers and impurities - leading to a finer, smoother, and more stable yarn. Compared to conventional cotton, it is therefore not only more environmentally friendly and durable but also feels much softer on the skin.

Moreover, this sustainable shirt stands as an ambassador for Slow Fashion. It demonstrates that essentials can be not only eco-friendly but also of high quality and comfortable.

Discover now the benefits of combed organic cotton and dress without compromise.

- Reference measurements (Chest width / Back length):
 M = 20.87 inches / 27.56 inches ; L = 22.05 inches / 28.35 inches ; XL = 23.62 inches / 29.13 inches
- Material: 100% Combed Organic Cotton
- (Decl. 100% Cotton)

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