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Apu Kuntur

Large Scarf Women's SUAVE

Large Scarf Women's SUAVE

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A Wonderful Touch of Luxury: Your Large Scarf SUAVE

When gentle touches and sustainable values come together, something special is created. Your large Scarf SUAVE – an ode to elegance, sustainability, and fair trade.

Made from 100% pure Baby Alpaca, your wide scarf is not just a clear, classic statement, but also an immensely sensual experience. The elaborate textured knit, adorned with a decorative cable pattern, gives it not only a distinctive character but also a silky soft feel rarely found. A quality that only the finest natural fibre can offer.

This Women's Scarf redefines versatility: Whether loosely wrapped around the neck, elegantly draped as a stole, or used as a warming travel blanket – it adapts to every need and accompanies you and your loved ones through the possibilities and seasons. The Women's Knit Hat SUAVE completes this Fair Fashion ensemble and adds the finishing touch to any outfit. Opt for Slow Fashion and choose accessories that not only adorn but also embody sustainable values.

Feel the difference and wrap yourself now in wonderful Eco Wear.

- Material: 100% Alpaca (Baby Alpaca)
- (Decl. 100% Wool)
- Unstretched dimensions: approx. 31.5 x 66.93 inches
- Weight: approx. 290 g

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