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Apu Kuntur

Alpaca Wool Jumper MOANA

Alpaca Wool Jumper MOANA

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Elegance Meets Comfort: The Alpaca-Merino Wool Sweater MOANA

When the wind blows sharper and the leaves slowly fall to the ground, it's time for a new cozy piece - one that conveys both style and warmth.
The Women's Alpaca Wool Jumper MOANA not only exudes a distinctive elegance but also offers an incomparably cozy feeling thanks to the carefully selected mix of materials.

The classic straight cut flatters the silhouette and presents itself as a timeless basic that snugly fits your body. The ribbed structure of the Jumper sets subtle accents and the look is completed with an elegant round neckline. Fair Fashion sustainably produced – the Sweater is the result of a careful selection of high-quality raw materials. 60% Alpaca combined with 30% Merino Wool and 10% Cotton – this mix guarantees not only pleasant warmth but also longevity that aligns with our Eco Wear philosophy.

Slip into it and feel the difference – Your new favorite piece awaits.

- Material: 60% Alpaca 30% Merino Wool 10% Cotton
- (Decl.: 90% Wool 10% Cotton)

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