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Women's T-Shirt with Bird Design: Hummingbird, Central America

Women's T-Shirt with Bird Design: Hummingbird, Central America

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  • Material: 100% combed, ring-spun organic cotton; Single jersey; Pre-washed; 180 GSM
  • Certifications: G.O.T.S; OEKO TEX Standard 100; PETA approved VEGAN; FAIR WEAR
  • Fit: Unisex; Crew neck; Regular fit
  • The right size for you = below the description


I remember it as if it were yesterday...

… we headed to the highlands, heads filled with expectations of misty mornings and mystical treetops. What we found instead: A surprisingly sunny day that laughed at every camera idea. And while we were there, no fog in sight, we encountered the hummingbirds. These tiny, energetic birds seem to defy the laws of gravity. This sanctuary turned into a stage for the agile flyers – and our time? It flew by just as quickly.


Casual, sustainable, irresistible

Cool women's T-shirts need to do more than just look good – they need to tell a story. Our shirts, made from 100% organic cotton, don’t shout for attention; they whisper of quality. The cut? Casual. The message? Clear. Every shirt adapts to your life, because true fashion is timeless and never imposes itself. Ideal for women who are always one step ahead in life and fashion. Cool women's T-shirts are a piece of lived conviction.


Enthusiasm that can’t be put into words – but can be printed on T-shirts:

This women's T-shirt with a bird motif is more than a garment – it’s a work of art that accompanies your everyday life. It embodies the energy and unpredictability of the hummingbirds you experienced in the highlands. Wear it and show that you carry not just fashion, but a story. It's a conversation starter that sparks curiosity and shows that cool clothing can also be profound.


Now is the time:

Add one of these cool women's T-shirts to your cart. Not just for the look, but because each shirt is made with utmost care and respect for the environment. It’s the perfect choice for any woman who values comfort, style, and an artist's T-shirt.

Buy, wear, inspire – and always stay authentic. That’s not just fashion. That's a statement.


  • Reference measurements: (across chest / back length / sleeve length)


S: 49.5cm (19.5 in) / 69cm (27.2 in) / 22.5cm (8.9 in)

M: 53.5cm (21.1 in) / 73cm (28.7 in) / 24cm (9.4 in)

L: 56.5cm (22.2 in) / 75cm (29.5 in) / 24.5cm (9.6 in)

XL: 59.5cm (23.4 in) / 77cm (30.3 in) / 25cm (9.8 in)

XXL: 63.5cm (25 in) / 79cm (31.1 in) / 25.5cm (10 in)

3XL: 67.5cm (26.6 in) / 81cm (31.9 in) / 26cm (10.2 in)


  • Declaration: 100% Cotton
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