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Men's Organic Cotton T-Shirt LATIMERIO

Men's Organic Cotton T-Shirt LATIMERIO

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Sustainability at a New Level: Your Organic Cotton T-Shirt for Men

Looking for the perfect T-shirt that combines casual style and ethics? Then our LATIMERIO Organic Cotton T-Shirt for Men is just the right shirt for you.

Every thread of this shirt is made from 100% combed organic cotton, giving it an exceptionally soft and smooth texture. The combing process removes short cotton fibers and aligns the remaining long fibers in parallel, resulting in a T-shirt that is not only pleasant and soft on the skin but also less prone to pilling or warping. The T-shirt has a 'regular' fit.

As a proud member of our sustainable T-shirts collection, this eco-friendly shirt represents everything Slow Fashion stands for: quality, durability, and an awareness of our environment. And with the subtle yet effective design of the organic men's T-shirt, you show that Eco Fashion and timeless style perfectly harmonize.

Along with our other Green Fashion shirts from our range, we have ensured in every single detail that sustainability – and not greenwashing – remains the focus.

Your choice for Fair Fashion and Eco Wear: Your LATIMERIO T-Shirt in combed organic cotton.

- Reference measurements (Chest width / Back length):
M = 20.87 inches / 28.35 inches ; L = 22.05 inches / 29.13 inches ; XL = 23.62 inches / 29.92 inches
- Material: 100% Combed Organic Cotton
- (Decl. 100% Cotton)

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