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Women's sustainable T-Shirt VULPAS

Women's sustainable T-Shirt VULPAS

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(the shirt runs large. Please refer to the reference measurements below.)

A Kiss for Nature: Your Sustainable Women's T-Shirt VULPAS (vegan)

Imagine wearing a vegan T-shirt that not only looks breathtaking but also demands as little as possible from the environment: That's exactly what this sustainable women's T-shirt offers, proving to be a true champion in terms of sustainability. The shirt has a regular fit and features a round neckline.

It has a story it wants to tell: a story of recycled organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles, which have found new meaning in life: Instead of lingering in the environment, these materials have been transformed into unique, eco-friendly T-shirts. The result? A fantastic wearing experience thanks to the fine jersey of 165 g/m² - combined with the knowledge that you are helping save the Earth a little bit.

It's not enough just to think "green"; it's time to act. With 60% recycled organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester, this sustainable T-shirt sets standards in Green Fashion. It's not just a shirt, but a clear statement: for a conscious Eco Lifestyle - and your love of nature.

The next time you're looking for an outfit that's as good for your style as it is for the planet, remember this VULPAS shirt. It shows that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand - with elegance and conviction.

Choose the sustainable Women's T-Shirt and be a part of the Slow Fashion Community.

- Reference measurements (Chest width / Back length):
S = 19.69 inches / 26.77 inches ; M = 20.67 inches / 27.95 inches ; L = 21.85 inches / 28.74 inches
- Material: 60% Recycled Organic Cotton + 40% Recycled Polyester
- (Decl. 60% Cotton 40% Polyester)

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